Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We All Like A Quickie

Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts for Daddy.  Since he doesn't go for his ultrasound until Monday morning, I am assuming its not a life threatening situation.  I have to assume if it was, he'd be in hospital strapped to a bed.

I fully know that its irrational for me to feel guilty for having moved away.  And its not like I'm across the country, just the next town over and we would still go to the same hospital so I could be there likity splitity.  Actually, he would probably be taken to the hospital in Delaware and I am closer to DE so I would probably beat him and the ambulance there!

I know that I am allowed to live my life, that its normal for me to live away from my parents.  Its just going to take getting used to.  I mean for 4 years, I was right there in all the business.  Its only been three weeks since we moved out.  Its an adjustment for all of us.

So, while I will try not to worry about daddy until the results are in there's not much chance that I won't.  I've also forbidden myself to talk to Dr. Google about it.  Let's hope I can keep to it!

Tomorrow is BEACH day!  Woo ho!  No iPad, just my eReader and several good books.  And of course great company, Janet and crew!


  1. smiles...glad it was not as serious as you originally thought....enjoy the beach!


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