Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Feeling a Little Crabby

Daddy celebrated his b-day this weekend with ESM in Ocean City, MD.  They took the RV down and enjoyed riding the boards.

At the Inlet, there is a jewlery store they always check out because it has lovely, unique crab jewlery.  Invariably, ESM comes home with a new crab.  This year she came home with two!

This was in a junk shop along the boards.
But it is LOVELY.
ESM loves sparkly stuff.

This is the newest piece of jewlery from the Inlet Store.
Its beautiful!

ESM felt bad that she was the one getting presents on Daddy's B-day but he said his best B-day present was seeing her happy with her crabbys. 

My b-day present to Daddy was to make lasanga and homemade bread.  He was so happy to come over and eat and see Jaxon.  And me and AZ too, I think.  It was a good meal with lots of great conversations. 

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


  1. mmmm lasagna is a great birthday present...lol....love the crab necklace...that is very cool....

    FIL is stable this morning...put a note on my post...pneumonia, anemia, internal bleeding and irregular heartbeat...so still waiting...


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