Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday

I'm getting good at avoiding things that can't be changed in my life right now.  But if they continue to affect my health, I might have to deal with them before I'm really ready.  We'll see what happens.

Jakes texted me last night.  He is having problems with controlling his temper and his mouth.  He wanted to know why.  I love that he came to me for advice!  He knows where to get the answers and support.  I've instilled a good thing in him!  He knows where to come for help with his behaviors. 

We talked about how he's a teenager and impulsive and that he needs to try to use the STOP method. 

S- Stop
T - Think
O - Options
P - Price

We used this when he was little and it worked for him.  As he's gotten older, I think he's gotten away from applying the skill.  I also didn't want him thinking that its from his Aspergers/ADHD because then he might think he can use that as an excuse to continue the bad behavior.  I also don't want him to think he can't change.  If he thinks its more because he's a teen, then he might put more effort into changing the behavior.

I was so proud of him for recognizing that he has a problem and that he wants to make a change.

Jakes, Jaxon and I stopped over to visit the Gparents this weekend.  Jaxon has been a little skitish with Oscar and Oscar likes being the boss.  When they play ball down the hallway, Oscar usually bullies Jaxon into letting him get the ball.  This weekend, Jaxon started fighting back to get the ball.  Good boy!  About time Jaxon put Oscar in his place!  They are learning to share.  Oscar is coming to visit us for a week or so while Dad and ESM go away.  Its going to be so much FUN!

Christmas is coming and I am so not ready.  I don't want to shop, decorate or anything.  But I have a kid who wants to see the tree and all that he's grown up with, so I have to get it done.  Time to get the tree out of storage and put up.  Maybe this weekend.

This weekend is my Holiday Concert.  I can't wait!  Going to be so much fun!  The countdown is on!

That's what's going on in my world.  How're things in your world?


  1. woohoo cant wait to see a vid of the concert...smiles...i am def not ready for christmas...and that is great that he came to you...even though you set the limits he knows there is a heart and wisdom behind it...smiles.

  2. yeah choir! Sounds like good parenting is paying off in the Jake department. Good for you.

  3. I'm kind of impressed with Jakes contacting you for advice about that!

  4. Good for Jakes! I'm going to remember the STOP method for the future.


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