Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Busy.  At work and at home.

We've had the flu in the house.  AZ and JR have both had it.  So far, I haven't.  I didn't get my flu shot either.  Fingers crossed that I am super woman!

AZ is in hospital right now. His BP skyrocketed again.  We really wish they could figure out what's causing it.  AZ is making friends with lots of Docs who all want him to follow up with them once he gets home.  Lots to do.

AZ yelled at me today for not using the hand sanitizer things in the rooms.  He said after being exposed to the germs at home and there in the hospital, I was going to get sick.  HA!  I laugh in the face of the germs!

And next week, I'll be flat on my back with those same germs having a party in me.  :)

The school scheduled an IEP meeting for Jakes. His father promised me he would be there, I participated by phone.  As usual, his father didn't follow through on things.  At least I was on the phone so that decisions could be made. 

They are doing testing to see if Jakes qualifies for dismissal from the Special Education Program. Currently, he is not using any of the support that are in the IEP, which is good!  Part of me thinks he will be just fine without any supports, another part of me is scared Crap-less about not having the supports there just in case.  We've had them for SO long, it could be hard to get used to them not being there.

I am having major issues typing today. Usually, I can fly across the keyboard without looking at it and not making too many mistakes.  Today, lots of looking and lots of mistakes.  Maybe its the caffeine I'm running on today. 

I have missed you guys!  I want to get back into blogging, I have ideas, I just don't have time......  sigh.....  I'll be back.....


  1. I hand sanitized. I washed my hands.

    I. Got. The. Flu.

    It sucks. Here's hoping you don't get it.

  2. ugh on dad not being there....sucks.

    i had my flu for the 5 years...i am done...germs be damned...ha....

  3. You can sanitize like crazy and all it takes is one errant cough from somebody and bam!


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