Thursday, January 17, 2013


Therapy involves homework sometimes.  At least if you want to get something out of therapy.  Or at least that's how its been for me.  I have had two wonderful therapists and they both have always given me homework.

When I go to them, I usually already have a goal of what I want out of therapy.  Not to be depressed, help with knowing when its time to end the marriage, help with managing my child and still having a good relationship with him.  Not everyone who goes into therapy goes there with goals in mind.  But that's where the therapist comes into the picture, to figure out why the person is there and what their goal should be for the visits.

One of my friends was surprised that I have homework from therapy.  But then this person has never been in therapy, just evaluated and then they blow off the therapy portion.  But that is also part of their mental health problem.

I haven't been to see her in over a year, not since I needed guidance on switching custody of Jakes.  When I told her about the situation I was there to discuss, she yelled at ME.  giggle    

She knows I have the skills to take care of this problem on my own.  She taught them to me!

So that is part of my homework, why I felt the need to come to her instead of handling it on my own.  Figure out why I didn't want to confront things on my own.

So, Therapy comes with homework.  And since I go back to see her next week, I probably should get started on it.  Right after I finish reading about mental health licensure in the State.

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  1. homework is great in reinforces, it builds accountability....there is no way you cover everything in one session each week as well...i guess without you might bandaid things but...


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