Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello? Is anybody here? Just some Tidbits

Where does the time go?  I didn't think it had been so long since I checked in with ya'll!

Been livin' life.  Not much improvements to talk about.  Just waiting out my time until I have to make a decision.

Jakes sent over a picture of his middle of the marking period grades and I just want to say I am one proud Momma!  He's doing so well!  All A's and B's.  Just one C and that's in English where there is so much writing and he doesn't like that!  He's working on it though!

Just finished a Federal Application for work and while it took a LOT of reading (boring reading), I think it came out pretty good!  My bosses and other proof readers seem to be impressed with my work.  Fingers crossed that we get awarded the much needed funding!  Now onto reading the Mental Health Regulations for the state so I can write policies to get all the offices licensed.

Daddy received a commendation from the County Fire Police Association.  He's been a part of them for over 5 years now and they did a lovely job of recognizing him and others at their annual dinner. So proud of my Daddy!

We finally got back to riding lessons!  Its been either too cold or too wet and rainy since January for lessons.  We're hoping the weather stays clear so he can go back again this weekend.  The horses missed all the kids!

In a couple of weekends I am going to insure my place in Heaven.  I'm taking Sister Anne (she works with me and is an angel!) to a retreat in Massachusetts.  We'll be up around Stone Hill College so if you know of any good places to eat or just to sight see, let me know!  Also say a prayer for good weather on the drive up.


  1. You need to check in more often, I insist. You can't just go plunge into Arctic waters and then disappear!

    Yay for your dad and the hopefully good news on the work funding. :) And awesome for Jakes with those grades!!!

  2. woohoo on jakes grades...that is awesome....hoping that living life is really living life, you know....smiles....woot on dad...and thank him for his service as well...

  3. There's nothing wrong with a little momma bragging every now and then :)

    Yay! for riding. The place I ride has a covered arena which is nice since it rains all.the.time, but wowza, it's still cold. I think I'm going to be investing in some good riding gloves soon!

    Good luck at the retreat. It sounds like it'll be really nice.

  4. We are doing the grade thing this evening and I'm so excited. I'm certain that my kids are doing great so it's always exciting.


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