Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Since we're finally back to riding lessons, Jakes wants to spend as much time at the Farm as possible. I don't blame him as its something he loves and is good at.  So imagine how happy he was when Jill texted to ask if he could stay until 1 on Saturday.

An old picture of Jakes on Pumpkin

She explained she had a new student starting, who was about Jakes age and supposedly has trouble making friends.  He loves horses (like Jakes) and Jill thought putting the two together would be a good thing.  And I would never say no to Jill with all she does for Jakes.

Jakes greeted the new kid (NK) and Jill got him up on Pumpkin.  Jakes led the horse to the practice ring they were using and followed Jill's instructions.  Jakes was encouraging to NK and yelled at me for bring Jaxon back to the ring.  Silly boy.

One of FOUR big doggies at Jill's and Jaxon
her dogs are SO gentle!

When the lesson was done, Jakes worked with NK to teach him to unsaddle pumpkin.  Jakes showed NK what needed to be done and allowed NK to do it.  He did help NK with the saddle, I don't think NK was ready for the weight.  They went together to put the saddle in the tack shack.  Then Jakes got the brushes out and showed NK how to brush the horse.  And the let NK do the brushing. 

I was SO proud of Jakes for teaching and not just doing.  While they were doing, they chatted about Pumpkin and his likes and dislikes; about horses and how they like to roll in the dirt. NK had lots of questions and wanted to learn.

My kid is doing so much lately to make his momma proud!  He's growing into a wonderful young man!


  1. that is a very cool step for jakes....and as much as it was good for the kid...it was probably really good for him as well...

  2. Yay! That's awesome. I'm fully aware of how heavy the saddle is when you aren't expecting it, especially a western one! Maybe that's why I switched back to English!

    I'm glad Jakes will have more friends at the farm and that he is understanding the value of teaching someone else.

  3. HI Amy! Glad to see that Jakes is doing so well and horses are just awesome!

  4. I love that he's so at home there and enjoys helping others too. This is awesome!


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