Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We're BACK!!!

After spending a week at the Campground with the family and the Dog, it was nice to come home.  AZ spent Tuesday and Wednesday scrubbing the camper from top to bottom and he did a wonderful job! 

AZ checking the Electrical connections before we pull out.

After a quick stop at Wal-mart for grill gas and ice, we were on our way!  Once at the Campground, we set up the camper and unloaded everything from the truck and car.  I felt like I'd packed everything but the kitchen sink.....

All set up and ready to camp!

Jakes set up his room in the camper......

Can't take the Laptop away

At the Campground, 4:30 is Bloody Mary Hour at the Gparents campsite.

Gparents Camper
I had to work on Friday so its good that we were local still.  Jakes worked at the Farm Friday afternoon and Saturday.  Fortunately, the Farm was just around the corner and across the highway from the campground.

Relaxing around the Campfire

I love sitting around the camp fire in the evenings.  While it was hot, the fire kept some of the bugs away.

Friday evening, AZ put the chicken on the rotisserie and boiled water for some corn on the cob.  It was the BEST chicken!  I had put it in marinade Thursday morning before we left and it just sat sucking up the flavors in the cooler.   

On Saturday, we had dinner with the Gparents.  Daddy got the MOST AWESOME steaks and cooked them over the campfire.  OMG when I say melt in your mouth, don't need teeth to chew it, good super yummy steak, it STILL doesn't describe how good the steaks were. Potato salad, tomatoes and cucumbers, mac n' cheese and wine rounded out the menu.  Can you say "STUFFED"?  YUM!

After dinner, we pulled the chairs over to the field to watch the 4th of July fireworks and we weren't disappointed.  I didn't take any pictures but trust me they were lovely and right over our heads!  We almost had to lay down to see them!  Nothing like front row seats......

We decided to stay an extra day so instead of packing up on Sunday, Jakes and I floated around the lake for the afternoon.  He didn't put sunscreen on and boy did he complain about it later!

Lazy Lake
Jaxon loved being at the campground, except that he had to be on a leash.  At home, he sticks close so we don't use a leash unless we're taking him out of the yard.  At the campground, he had to be on a leash.  Poor baby!  But we took him up to the empty field to toss the ball and make sure he got lots of attention.  Jaxon was a super good dog!  He didn't bark at everyone who walked by the camp site, he didn't run off, he was SO well behaved!

Jaxon's play ground and where the fireworks were set up.  LOTS of room!

Jaxon and AZ at the end of the day. Camping is such hard work

Sunday left us with one more chance for a campfire.  We didn't want to bring any wood back with us so we started early, like before dark!

Monday morning found me running Jakes to the Farm then coming home to help AZ pack up the camper.  By noon, we were home and unpacking again .

All done and ready to be towed.

I loved being at the campground but in a way, I was also ready to come home.  I wanted a shower that I didn't have to share with the potato beetles or other black crawly things. I wanted to get the sand out of my shoes and to be able to walk around without shoes.

We are in discussion for the next camping trip....  Hopefully somewhere with a pool!


  1. i think the food just tastes better in the wild the campfire where did you find a wifi spot in the woods...smiles...sounds like fun times...maybe you will get your pool next time...smiles.

  2. Sounds like it was just what everyone needed to get away like that. From start to finish, it sounded good!


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