Thursday, July 11, 2013

With Attitude

With just getting back from vacation, you'd think I'd be all nice and relaxed but I've been filled with attitude.  Why?  Cause when we got home from vacation, the house was clean, the lawn was mowed and JR was super helpful with getting the camper back in place and unpacked.  I suppose I should have been suspicious that something was up but I wasn't.

I mean I did the same thing when I was his age and had a party where we burned the junkyard down.

Come to find out, JR had a little party while we were gone and one of his wonderful "friends" stole my old iPhone. Supposedly, he's interrogated everyone but no one is copping to taking it.  Why would they? JR has offered me $30 to replace it.

I am SO angry and full of attitude.  AZ asked me what my problem was.  Ummm....  Your KID has once again done something stupid that has affected me.  Yes, it was my old iPhone and I can do everything with my new phone.  But its the principal that it shouldn't have been touched AT ALL.  My first thought after being told was that I was happy we'd taken the new camera and my iPad with us!  Oh and I immediately checked on my jewelry to make sure everything was still there. 

I (we) should not have to feel as though I (we) have to lock things up when we are out of the house.

This is not the first time JR has been involved in injuring me or my stuff.  I've had to put my bike in the shop twice because he has taken it and returned it broken.

The camper has been practically destroyed by JR and his friends.  The inside of the camper was immaculate when we got it.  Now, both mattresses and the dining area seats are full of cigarette burn holes.  There are burns on the counter.  None of which were there before JR and his friends partied in it.  And AZ had to spend TWO days hosing everything down so that we could go away in it.

I have a HUGE problem with JR's lack of boundaries and consequences.  He's been suspended and expelled from school with no consequences, such as being grounded (made to stay home, giving up his cell phone).  He has been suspended twice from the alternative school with no consequences.

I have bitten my tongue because JR is not my kid.  When JR has been suspended from school, I have asked if AZ is going to ground him and invariably, the answer has been no.  AZ doesn't want to be the bad guy.  Personally, I think JR is begging for some boundaries. 

When I went home from work yesterday, JR arrived with my old phone.  He also paid me for the repairs to the bike.  AND apologized for all of it.  I reminded him that the kids who were there the night the phone was taken are still not welcome in my house and that they really are not friends.  JR agreed.  But only time will tell if  he will actually change his ways and choices of friends.

While I would love to not allow JR in the house when we're not there, its not realistic.  I have to compromise with what AZ wants for rules in the house as well.  I can only hope that AZ has discussed this situation with him and that JR has learned something from this.  I can only hope that the next time we go away and JR doesn't go with us, that he will exercise better judgement in who he invites over.

Because if we go away again and something else happens, I will go ballistic!  And that's a promise!


  1. eh, think i would be drawing the line when he starts messing up your stuff...esp an iPhone...i cant afford one, so i would probably be over boarding it but might have a friendly naighborhood cop do the interrogating, if nothing else to put the fear of god into them...but that is just me...smiles.

  2. It didn't take long to discover that teenagers need more supervision that middle-school kids do, not less. They are smarter, faster and more dangerous to themselves and others. Going away and leaving a 17 year old home alone is asking for trouble, in my experience. They are ALL like that. Be thankful it was only an old phone, not a personal injury, or bigger infraction with long term consequences with the law. Parenting is a tough job, but someone's got to do it. :)


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