Monday, July 15, 2013

DC Bound

We are taking a family vacation to DC this coming weekend!  I can't wait!  Jakes went there for his 8th Grade class trip but didn't get to see much of the great city.  So for his graduation present I promised to take him for a weekend.  He wants to get lots of pictures of everything.

I have done so much research to find the right hotel (free breakfast!), in just the right spot (4 blocks from the National Mall!) and with parking.  Parking is SO expensive in DC.  

I can't believe how hot the weathermen are predicting its going to be.  We'll be taking water bottles and refilling at as many places as we can.

Since there is a fridge in the room, I will be taking things for lunches and we'll take a break mid-day to cool off.   I think a nap will be in order or at least a quick trip to the hotel pool before heading back out.  Hoping to find a way to miss hottest part of the day......

I have made reservations for us at the Capitol Building and we're going to stop in to see our state senator to get passes for the galleries of the senate and house.  AZ is looking forward to that more than Jakes or myself. 

I know it will be a wonderful, exhausting and educational weekend for all of us! And I promise to share pictures when we get back!


  1. oo have fun...we love DC...highlight, zoo is free....spy museum isnt, but is a blast if you've never done it...and holocaust museum will mess you up....the senate tix are awesome...very cool...

  2. You most certainly put a lot of planning and effort into it. I know it's going to be such a great trip. I've been several times too, but now you have me thinking that I'm about due for a return!


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