Thursday, August 1, 2013

Room with a View

I spent a lot of time researching Hotels in DC.  I wanted to be in the city but parking is a pain and expensive.  I checked into hotels outside the city and taking the Metro in, but the cost of the Metro cards was going to be about the same as parking in the City.

I found a website that helps people rent out their parking spaces in various cities around the country.  Parking Panda lists the parking spaces by neighborhood or around hotels.  I loved this!  It allowed me to get a parking space for the weekend for what the hotel wanted for one night.  And it was in walking distance from the hotel!

I found a hotel, the Residence Inn, for a great price and they served a hot breakfast!  The breakfast saved us so much money!  We usually ate so much at breakfast we weren't hungry for lunch. 

I loved the hotel.  It was clean and updated.  The staff was lovely and helpful.  I would definitely stay there again.  The only problem (for AZ only) is that its a non-smoking hotel.  He had to go all the way downstairs and down the street in order to smoke.  I'm trying to talk him into quitting.  Fingers crossed!

When we go back to DC, if we stay the night, I will definitely stay at this hotel again.  And I will be asking for this room:

Its got a balcony and a view of this:
Wouldn't that be lovely to stare at?
Next time........


  1. i cant remember where we stayed...somewhere out by the zoo...and we had to pay for parking in their lot...go figure....not a bad view at all...

  2. Yes, a peek at the capitol building would be fantastic! I'm not sure I've stayed at a Residence Inn before, but I must admit that you've got me thinking about it!


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