Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Fragments - Just Catching Up

Just to catch you up on things around my house.....

Jakes has spent a wonderful vacation with me last week and we start another one next week.  Poor kids' summer is almost over.  He starts school on August 14th.  Wasn't it just yesterday, he was graduating from 8th grade??

I have a couple of day trips planned for vacation next week with him. Can you say BEACH? And our county 4H fair is next week and he loves being able to watch the tractor pulls on Friday evening.  Can you guess where we'll be Friday?

Jakes hasn't gotten back on the horse since he was made an "authentic rider".  Ms. Eileen has plans to fix that this weekend!  Look out Jakes!

Dad has been to ER recently.  Once about 3 weeks ago after falling on his face, literally.  He tripped on a step and landed face first.  He broke his nose and had lots of scrapes and bruises.  They did a through check up of his entire body and seem to have found a mass in his stomach and some stuff on his liver.  We're waiting for a closer looksey by a specialist before we jump to conclusions.  More info as we get more info.....

I am working on mental health policies and procedures at work.  I also have to get creative and make a treatment plan form.  I'm just not feeling creative right now.  I also need to get the newsletter out before vacation starts today.  Again, the creativity is not there.  Any suggestions for getting it back?

My friend who sold me the new camera has another camera he is giving me.  Its a 14.1 mega-pixel camera!!!  I can't wait to catch up with him to get it and play with it!  Think of the PICTURES I can take with it!  droooool.............

I made an awesome pasta salad the other night!  Boiled the pasta, added a little Italian Dressing, a couple tablespoons of fresh basil and a fresh tomato.  The basil and tomato were picked minutes before being added to the pasta.  YUM!  I love summer vegetables!

I think that brings you up to date... fairly boring at my house!  Boring is good!


  1. ah i hope dad is ok...and that jakes gets back on that horse....

  2. My dad fell like that as well minus the broken nose. His face was black and blue! It's so hard to watch them get older, isn't it?

    I'm glad you're still fitting in some getaways yet this summer. :)

  3. Boring is awesome. I keep telling myself to add my boring to my sad blog, but I never get around to it. I just keep doing more boring! Let's see...I've done a couple of paintings, reorganized the kids closets, painted a table, changed around the curtains (for the hundredth time) and shopped online way too much for Papa ;)but I did score some great pieces for summer.

    I hope everything goes well with your dad. Have a great time at the beach! I'm still waiting to find somewhere to take my camera to be fixed. It's got this permanent 'white fuzz' on the interior mirror or housing that shows up in my pictures :(


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