Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Barn Show

There was a Barn Show at the Farm this past weekend.  Jakes worked the Farm and I took pictures. I ended up taking over 600 pictures!  Don't worry, I am only going to share a few of them.  ENJOY!

The Gear all lined up and ready for horses
Every Ride starts with a prayer.  Everyone grabs hands or horse
Eva and Freckles.  I love Eva's seat on any horse. She just melds with them.
Megan brings her dancers grace to the ring.  She is riding Hershey who is a throughbred and can be temperamental at times. Megan makes him mind and won't let him bully her.  They are a beautiful pair
Jakes worked the gate for the show and did a wonderful job
Megan and Hershey walking in the morning sunshine/fog
This is Ms. Jill. Trust me, she's under there.
Here are some of the Therapeutic Riders. Everyone gets a leader and a side walker. They do wonderful and fun things on the back of the horse.
They even ride backwards with no hands.  Its great for the balance and to strengthen the torso muscles.
Buttons had a crush on Ms. Erica, our judge.  Or was he just trying to get more points for his riders?
here are the littlest therapeutic riders.  They are so tiny and SO good at riding!  They get a leader and TWO side walkers.  Don't want anyone taking a header off the ponies.
Of course, I'd want to ride horses all the time if I got to play fun games like basketball!  That's TWO points for Juliana!
I mean, look at that face!  Riding is FUN, not therapy!

Tomorrow we'll talk about horse limbo and the Down and Out Competition.


  1. haha. i bet that little guy had a blast riding that horse in the end...how cool too...horse limbo? ok, gotta see that one...smiles.

  2. This is just the most wonderful thing! So glad you were able to attend and that Jakes did a great job!

  3. It was an awesome day, and I am so thankful that you captured it all so beautifully. These memories will last forever!

  4. Beautiful shots. I'd love to go back to riding but my old barn is full and I haven't found another one that I like. :(

  5. I'd love to go back to riding, especially after seeing these beautiful shots. But my old barn is full and I can't find another one that I like.


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