Monday, September 23, 2013

Double Wheelchairs Anyone?

I'm used to Daddy needing a scooter for getting around, with is heart condition and general weakness its best for him to be sitting down.  He gets to enjoy more.

Yesterday, I went to lunch with my parents.  I had a coupon for a free burger at Ruby Tuesdays.  ESM and I have been trying to have a mother/daughter lunch every once in a while at Ruby Tuesdays.  I love their coupons!  This time Daddy joined us, with his scooter.

ESM was having a flare up of her gout. OUCHERS in the foot.  That's going to make walking the mall a little difficult.  Especially, since Daddy doesn't know the lay-out of the mall and parked on the OPPOSITE side from where we wanted to be. I tried to explain to him but he had a plan.  Ok, done arguing with The Man.

Fortunately, the Guest Services desk has wheel chairs for your use.  So after trekking through half the mall, we got one for ESM. SO this is what my Lunch Date looked like.  Yes, ESM has to make silly faces in every picture.

Dad and ESM waiting for me to get pushing

My question is: where do I get one of THESE??? I'm getting the feeling we're going to need one someday soon.

BTW - Dad is doing well after his first round of chemo.  He said that he feels better AFTER the chemo than he did before it.  hmmmmm  what good things are they putting in that IV??  I hope that his health continues to improve with each round!


  1. ha. what are they putting in that IV...a stretch cart like that would be very cool....

  2. Now you three would make quite the trio if you were all riding on wheels!


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