Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hi there.

Hi there.  Yes, I'm still here. Sorry for deserting you.  Nothing serious going on, just everything seemed to pile up at once.  Here's a quick run down of things going on:

I have a 20 pound turkey drinking in my fridge for Thursday.  Unfortunately, he's only drinking, not getting drunk.  But he will still taste mighty fine on Thursday!  I have a plan of attack for getting everything done, along with working all day on Wednesday.

Dad and ESM are coming for dinner.  Jakes wants me to pick him up on Thursday morning.  UGH.  That should be interesting, taking about 2 hours out of my day to run to his house.  But I will make it work!

Dad is having the last treatment of this cycle today.  He goes back on Thursday to get his pump removed.   They will also be setting up a scan to see how effective the treatment has been.  I am anxious to know but scared at the same time.  Of course I will be there with them to interpret what is being said for them.

My laptop for work DIED last week.  It was my BABY!  I've had it since 2006.  Its had two hard drives replaced and they finally decided it wasn't worth replacing this hard drive.  It needed a new battery and the hinges were coming apart. So, they ordered me a desktop.  Its got Windows 7 and Office 2013.  I'm having lots of trouble figuring out where everything is!  I am fortunate that the IT department allowed me to be an "Administrator" on this computer.  Most of the computers are locked so people can't download stupid stuff on them.  IT said they trust me.  Personally, I think its because I do troubleshooting in my office for them.  I save them some work.  Whatever, I don't need approval for everything I download, like new versions of Adobe readers that my grant sites require.

Now that I have a computer back, I'm hoping to get back to Blogging!  I've missed you guys!

AZ and I went on a date!  We went to see a double feature of the Hunger Games movies.  We saw the first one and the NEW one!  I loved the new one!  I am trying to take Jakes into going with  me over the Thanksgiving holiday to see it again.  We'll see!

I know that I have a lot to be thankful for this year. There are some days that its hard to remember those things, those days when all the bad stuff walks up in front of you and slaps you in the face.  On Thursday, I will take a few minutes to count my blessings.  I have a lot to be thankful for.

I hope you have wonderful things to be thankful for as well.  Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. some days it is hard to remember, for sure...but you do have a wonderful support system and a boy that is continuously growing and learning to be a man...

    have not seen catching fire....we did go to opening night of thor....and was very good...

    happy thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    I really want to see Catching Fire.


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