Thursday, January 16, 2014


With the move I think Jaxon has had to make the biggest adjustment.  He doesn't have a lap to sit on all day long.  He doesn't get to go out and chase the ball several times a day.  BUT even with all the things that are changing for him, he is still the best doggie ever.

He doesn't like mornings

The first week or so, I walked him on a leash. I wanted him to know where his boundaries were and we are now living on a very busy road.  Can't have him dashing out into traffic.  He graduated to walking with me carrying the leash.  Now I can put him out for potty without even leaving my deck and he doesn't wander too far.

I've been going home at lunchtime to walk him until he gets used to being left alone during the day.  I hate to leave him for so long but it can't be helped.  Also with going home at lunchtime, I can throw the ball for him.  And he LOVES to chase it.

Jaxon does love it when Jakes comes home.
As far as adjusting to the new place, he was afraid of the boxes in the kitchen but they are gone now.  He is still figuring out how to chase the ball in the house.  There a no long hallways but lots of little places a ball can hide.  He loves trying to dig it out of the corner, its in his breed to dig.

As the weather improves and there is more daylight after work, Jaxon will get more exercise and loving.  With all that has happened in the past month, the fact that he hasn't used the house as a bathroom or chewed up the furniture makes me proud of him for his ability to be flexible.

I love my Jaxon!


  1. he is no different than we are...he needs time to make the adjustment and it sounds like he is doing some of that already....such a cute pups....


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