Wednesday, January 15, 2014


My Regular Readers know that ESM is my Evil StepMother who is in NO way evil.  She is the most loving step mother and grandmother a person could have.  She named herself ESM as a joke.  But it stuck.

This past weekend was her b-day and I got together with them to celebrate.

At dinner

Jaxon and I stopped over the house and he gave her lots of kisses which she loves.  Then we piled in the car for dinner.  We went someplace new and it was yummy for me and ESM.  Daddy wasn't thrilled with his meal but the wonderful waitress took his dinner off the bill.  Lots of giggling and sharing of stories made for a wonderful dinner get together.

Wheel chair buddies

Happy Birthday ESM!  Love you!


  1. You are so sweet and I'm glad you were able to take the "wheelchair buddies" out for a dinner together! :)

  2. nice...glad you had a great time for her birthday...and that she is not really evil...hahaha

  3. That sounds like a fun birthday for her!


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