Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jaxon vs. The Vacuum

Jaxon doesn't like the vacuum. When I have it out, he avoids it like the plague and when its running, he's jumping from chair to sofa to chair and back again.

The other day, I heard him scratching at the floor, which he does when he's lost his ball and needs my help.  This is what I found.....

The vacuum stole his ball

Me being the good mom that I am, grabbed the camera instead of helping him........

I hope this thing doesn't turn on......

Just so I couldn't be called a bad mom, I was encouraging him to get the ball, that the vacuum was safe and wouldn't hurt him.

He finally got it!

What a brave doggie! He was one happy pup when I put the vacuum away.


  1. ha. my cat has major psychological issues around the vaccum....he cant be in the house when it is on...he goes bonkers

  2. hehe jaxon is very cute!
    your pup is just afraid of them...probably thinks its a monster or something i guess.

    big hugs!

  3. Ha. Yes, my cat hates the vacuum too. The second we pull it out he runs upstairs.

  4. My Golden Retriever LOVES to be vacuumed!


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