Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

I had a wonderful weekend!  Babysat Oscar while the parents went away for Valentine's Day.  Oscar and Jaxon had a wonderful time playing together and chewing on soup bones.

Sunday after Oscar went home, I went bowling with friends.  Had a lovely time and lots of laughs.  Can't wait to do it again!

Monday, Niecy and I went shopping!  She put her car in the shop for maintenance so we had all day to run all over the place looking for fun things to spend tax money on.

I have plans to buy a washer and dryer but have a friend who thinks she might be able to get me a free set that's in good condition.  Waiting to see what happens there.  Fingers crossed!

Jakes and I finally settled on a name for the new kitty.  He's Jethro Gibbs.  yes, I love the show NCIS and I love "J" names.  Jaxon is named after Jackson Gibbs, who is Jethro's father on the show.  He was played by Ralph Waite who just passed away.

So my boys are Jakes, Jaxon and Jethro.

The kitty is settling in nicely.  He doesn't seem comfortable with Jaxon yet.  But Jaxon is just so full of energy and is jumpy and just wants to play with Jethro.  It will take some time for the boys to be comfortable with each other to play.

I've had ENOUGH snow.  When is spring?  Not only do I have to shovel myself out, but I usually have to check the parents out too. So sick of shoveling.

I want a job where I can be WRONG 98% of the time and still keep my job! What job is that you ask?  Weatherman.

Since I KNOW spring is coming, I need to figure out what herbs and veggies I'm going to grow.  I know I want basil, oregano, cilantro, peppers and tomatoes.  I'm also thinking I'd like scallions  What are some of your favorite herbs and veggies?


  1. i hear you on the snow...i am ready now...at lest it killed off the germs and the ticks and such...i hope...ha....

    i like the new name...

  2. I always use a lot of rosemary these days. And I'd love to grow snap peas and strung beans. My mom used to grow them.

  3. wow-so hard to choose..i love them all. but if i had to chose just one, it would be basil's. i love its scent and i love using it in pasta. (tomato and basil sauce). and of course, rosemary!

    big hugs!


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