Friday, July 11, 2014

Camping for the Dogs

Jaxon and Oscar went camping with us too.  Can't leave the Dogs home!  Jaxon loves going camping, once we get there.  He's not too keen on riding in the RV, unless he has a lap to sit on.  He gets to spend lots of time outside on the chain. The G-parents sneak lots of snacks (STEAK!) to him that Momma wouldn't normally allow.  AND best of all, there is a BIG, HUGE field for him to run through and play ball.

I took his favorite toy, the Chuck-it.  If you don't know what this is, its the BEST DOGGIE TOY ever!  At least for my dog who is a runner.

Lets Go Mom!  Put the camera down and throw the ball!

Oooo!  YAY!  I'm going to get it!

Its hard to tell from this picture but Jaxon is about 5 feet off the ground to catch this ball.  He is an amazing fielder!  I keep asking Neicy if they need an outfielder on her ball team.

Then, he found a pile of dog poop that someone didn't bother to clean up.  Jaxon rolled in it.  Jaxon ate it. GROSS!  Jaxon got a shower when we got back to the site.

Jaxon got snuggles and love at the end of the bath.


  1. mmm...yummy snack.....blech...

  2. Cute pictures--but ick about the poop!

  3. What appeals to dogs and what gross us out are usually the same things. I'm gagging here!


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