Monday, August 4, 2014

Brace Face No Longer

Before Jakes moved in with his Father, Jakes had gotten braces put on.  His father took him ONCE in the last three years to get a problem taken care of.  He never followed up on the care required.  Jakes has been bugging him a lot to make an appointment to finish the treatment.  When I paid off the account, I messaged him that it was paid in full and to get Jakes to the Office to work on his teeth before they rotted out from having the braces on for so long.

He did NOTHING.  Even with Jakes bugging him and braces falling off.

So, I took matters into my own hands and took Jakes to get the braces off.  His teeth are in line basically.  There is still an overbite but its not going to hurt him.

Lookit this face!  What a gorgeous smile!!!

He doesn't like the flash which is why his eyes are closed.

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  1. nice...i know that has to feel good to have them off...i never had them...but i cant imagine them being altogether comfortable you know....

    he's looking so thin as well...


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