Tuesday, August 5, 2014

So Spoiled

I've written before of how spoiled I am, like at Christmas when I got a KitchenAid Mixer and lots of accessories.  Like when I bought myself the new iPad.  I am spoiled by my parents and by myself. And I love it!

This time I am spoiled by my parents again.  At the beginning of July they called to say they were stopping by.  Now, they don't do that often so I suspected something was up.  Of course, I imagined they were coming to give me bad news.  Am I ever glad I was WRONG!  They brought this:

A BRAND NEW grill for my deck!!
Love it!  And I've used it almost every night since!

Then last week ESM calls to say she has something for me but she needs to get Dad's truck and Jakes muscles.

A Table with 4 chairs and cushions!
A good cleaning is all they needed.

I had an umbrella to use with the table but when I went to put it up, I found THIS:
so sad....

But when I bought it, I bought TWO!  They were half price and the other one had not been used!  WOOT! I just needed to get it out of the parents storage shed.

Impromptu dinner party with the parents and Jakes

I have spent a lot of last week on the deck in the chairs under the umbrella reading a book, snapping beans and stringing basil to dry.  I've also eaten most of my meals out there.  I love my outdoor space!  I am officially moved IN!


  1. nice...a grill and umbrella table...you had a really good week...and will be able to use it as we move into the fall for sure....


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