Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dad's Favorite Stories - My Birth

My Dad has some good stories.  Some I've heard for the first time recently and want to remember.  Some I've heard repeated over and over all my life.  I an hoping to share some of these stories with you.

This is one that I've heard many many times over the years.  Every time there is someone new in the circle of the family, they get regaled with this one....

Daddy was in the Navy at the time I was born.  I have a brother who is 19 months older than me.  He was born on Veterans Day in the Navy Hospital in Philadelphia.  They had to call in staff to bring him into the world.    My brother took 18 hours to get here and backed into the world butt first.

So when Mom was pregnant with me, she expected a long-ish labor with plenty of time to get to the hospital.  From where they were living, it was about 45 to an hour to the Navy Hospital, depending on traffic.  But still plenty of time based on my brothers entry.

On the early morning of April the 3rd (like 3:30 am) Mom wakes Dad up to say its time.  They call my aunt to come and stay with my brother and head to the hospital.  Mom knows this time is going to be different; MUCH QUICKER.  So they head to the local hospital instead of the Navy one.  By the time they get to the local hospital, Mom thinks things have settled down enough that she can make the ride to the Navy Hospital.

Off they go.  Dad put his 4-ways on and flew up the highway.  On the approach to the Commodore Barry Bridge, a police officer wants to pull Daddy over. So ON TOP OF THE BRIDGE, Daddy stops and jumps out.  He runs to the police car to let him know what's going on and then runs back to his car and speeds off to the hospital, with the police in pursuit.

Daddy pulls up to the ER and yells for help.  They come out with a wheel chair and after finding out this wasn't Mom's first time, whisked her off to the delivery room.

In the meantime, the police pulled up behind Dad's car.  The MP at the hospital stopped the police at the door.  Dad got away clean!

While they were whisking Mom upstairs, Dad was told to go to admitting to take care of the paperwork.  When he got to the door he heard a phone ringing and decided to wait to knock.  Might be better to have the officer on duty woke up by the phone and not him.  Moments later, the door opens.  The officer asks "you Daddy?"  Daddy answers "Yes sir."  The officer opens the door to usher Dad into the room, "Its a girl."

Dad was flabbergasted that I was already here.  Mom used to say I skipped the line for patience and it started with my birth.  I wanted out and was ready to take on the world!

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