Monday, August 18, 2014

Catching Up

I've been away from my blog but for a good reason.  I was on vacation with the family.  It was a lovely time!  We went to Ocean City, MD which is where Daddy spent a lot of his teenage summers.  He loves it there and so do I.  I think I prefer OCMD beach to any of the ones in NJ that I've visited.

I will share pictures with you this week of our activities.  So many good things!

I have one more vacation scheduled for the summer.  I don't have any big plans yet.  We'll see if anything good comes up.

Daddy has one or two more chemo sessions and they will then do another scan to see where things stand.  The Drs and nurses are excited over the huge drop in his cancer count numbers.  They have dropped from over 1900 to 393 at the last count!  I don't know exactly how they get this number but they are counting the cancer cells in his blood.  At 393 there is considerably less to count.

Dating. Or trying to date.  I've gotten several responses to my online profile but it hasn't materialized into anything.  One guy I chatted with for about 5 minutes, then he hung up on me.  I thought maybe my cell had cut off so I called back and left him a message.  About an hour later, I got a message from him through the dating site "good luck".  Nice.  You can tell about a person in less than 5 minutes.  Well, good for you.

The most recent one contacted me while I was on vacation.   I told him I was away and I would email him when I got back late Sunday.  About 6:30 Sunday, there was a message from him saying he figured something must have come up for me and that I wasn't interested.  Well, so sorry I have a life and you don't have any patience.

Moving onto the next one!

Jakes starts his sophomore year in high school on Thursday!  When did I get a sophomore? I'm not old enough to have a kid that old!  Hopefully this school year will be as uneventful as last year was.

Time to head out and give the garden some TLC.  I'll be around to catch up on your blogs shortly!


  1. yeah, if he is that impatirnt you might be getting yourself in trouble there...
    oy, high school...we went back last thursday...and its rocking already...ha

  2. The 5 minute man wasn't worth your attention and the impatient man would be quick to anger ~ so be glad they showed their true colors right away .Your Prince charming will be out there somewhere and he will have plenty of patience and take his time to getting to know you :)

  3. Good luck to Jakes in high school! They grow so fast.

    Rude about the guy who hung up on you.


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