Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

 Ok.  To bring my bloggy friends up to date on things in my life.  The biggest thing that happened was that my dad passed away.  I am relieved.  His life was such a struggle just to walk to the bathroom and that was not my Daddy.  He was always a strong, energetic man.  I am relieved that he is a peace.  I can imagine him strong and whole and happy.

He put up such a fight to try and beat this latest round of cancer.  I am proud of his will to fight it.  

I have a wonderful group of friends.  Some of them are all friends together and some are separate.  Having all of them together at the memorial service was wonderful.  My "posse" was there keeping an eye on me for what ever I might need.  Neicy had my back if I wasn't able to speak during the eulogy.  I am glad that I didn't need her.  With being able to give the eulogy, I was able to say good-bye to my Daddy.

Work is about to explode with many, many applications due before the end of October.  On my desk right now are 12.  I also just sent an email requesting the paperwork for another THREE.  That makes a total of 15 by the end of the month.  Its either feast or famine in my line of work.  But at least I have stuff to do, which makes the day go fast.

I watched Jakes at his last riding lesson and he has made such improvement since I saw him!  He's riding on Brutus, who is a Thoroughbred.  His posture is almost perfect on this horse.  Now if we can get him comfortable enough to canter and then gallop, he will be making great progress.  There is a horse show in October and Jakes wants to compete.  I'm gonna let him!  The last one helped to build his confidence and self-esteem.

Now that a majority of my stress has been reduced, its time to get serious about loosing some weight.  I haven't worried about it recently cause, well, cause there were bigger things that needed my attention.  So.  Time to start watching what I eat and getting some exercise.  If anyone has an exercise plan they love and want to share, let me know!  If you have awesome music to dance to, share that too.

Its time to live for ME!


  1. i am glad you have a sense of relief with dad...and that he is in a better place now....glad to hear some strss is off you as well...i have quite a bit of work stress as the school has been rocking to start the year....no exercise here but been listening to jack white 3...and diggin it

  2. I'm sorry about your Dad. Enjoy living your life for you! You deserve it!

  3. You really have devoted a lot of your life to your dad over the last few years, so I'm glad you have time for you now. Enjoy this part of your life!


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