Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Treasures, Trinkets and Junk

While we cleaned out the house, the truck, the camper and every other place Daddy kept stuff, we found lots of junk and a bunch of treasures.  Want to hear what some of the junk was?  Of course you do......

A CASE, mind you an entire CASE of Coban of various sizes and colors.  Coban is like tape they use in the hospital but without the sticky stuff.  It sticks to itself.  I completely understand why Dad had it, any kind of tape tore his skin. But a CASE??  And all different colors??  WOW.

More tools than you can count.  A lot of them the same tool.  He'd forget he had one or couldn't find it and would get another one.  What man doesn't need more tools?

In the camper there was a pack of lights, the kind that you mount on your vehicle when you are a volunteer firefighter or fire police person.  I can understand Dad having those, if he hadn't RETIRED from the fire police a year ago and he couldn't have them on his vehicle anymore.  

There were things that made us go "hmmmmmmmm", things that made us laugh, and things that made us shudder.

The man LOVED Amazon Prime.  lol

Some of the treasures we found were his graduation picture from the Navy.  We displayed that at the funeral.  There are two treasures that I kept; his Police Badge and his 4th of July hat.

Dad wore this hat at 4th of July parties
This year its on top of my Christmas tree

Daddy's badge from when he was a police officer.
I love this!

Lots of treasures, junk and questions while we were cleaning things out.  
But also lots of good memories.


  1. I completely love that you topped your tree with his hat. That is perfection!

  2. i remember cleaning out my grandfathers...and some of hte more interesting things we found...lol...smiles...cool tree topper...


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