Thursday, July 14, 2011

Riding Lessons Part 2

Jakes has been counting the days until we could go back for his next Riding Lesson.  I can get him to do almost anything with the threat that he might not be allowed to go riding next week!  Not that I would do that to him, well.....   maybe. 

When we arrived, Ms. J asked Jakes what he remembered from last week and he rattled off several things.  She was thrilled!  She also commented that his posture was much improved and was pleased with his efforts.  So the lesson started out on a very good note.

Jakes went into the ring to get acquainted with his horse and for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the horse!  Anyway, Jakes started with brushing the horse and checking his feet to make sure they were clean.  He did such a great job!  And he loved being brushed with the horse brush himself! 

Brushing the horse

Checking his feet

Using his muscles to put the saddle on.

After putting the Bit in and climbing the steps, Jakes is up
And so happy!

learning the commands and walking around the ring

They wandered out of the ring and followed the driveway.
Jakes liked the sound of the horse's hooves on the driveway.

After removing the saddle and sharing treats,
a hot and sweaty Jakes gets to
lead the horse back to his field

Ms. J. is very impressed with Jakes focus when he's with the horses or just listening to her.  She says he has a sense of the horse and what to do with them.  Once he learns basics, he will be a fabulous horseman.

While Jakes was working with the horse, I texted his father to ask he if would take Jakes to the riding lesson next week when Jakes is with him.  He agreed!  I'm scared!  And Jakes is so excited to be able to ride again next week and to have his father watch him.

Jakes good behavior carried over into home life. We stopped for dinner and we were able to be a little silly with each other without Jakes getting over the top.  Once at home, he listened to instructions and did his chores without too much argument and he even left me alone so that I could sit with the family and watch the beautiful sunset!  See....  so many positive things from this!


  1. woot! so excited! it will be good for dad to see as well...knew this would be a big positive!!

  2. I'm glad he seemed to take to it so well, and that it had some carry-over benefits! And oh my gosh, he has gotten so tall!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I'm now following yours!


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