Friday, July 15, 2011

This is what I call DINNER.

My Step Brother and his family are visiting this week.  I haven't been home much to visit with them.  They live in Iowa.  He came home with a list of things he wanted to eat and places he wants to visit.  One of the things he wants to eat are crabs.  The first night he and I talked, he yelled (not really) at me because my crab pots weren't in the river collecting crabs.  I guess he thought since I knew he was coming, I'd rush right out and get the pots in the water.  hahahahahahaha.  Well, the next day I stopped home for lunch and they were in the water!  Awesomeness, Picklehead!

Everyone has been so busy with visiting and running around that no one has checked the pots for three days!  Yesterday, my therapist pushed back my appointment which gave me an hour to kill.  The tide was out, perfect for walking out to get the pots and see what's in them.

Here's what I found:

two pots, 10 crabs in each
3 females and 1 small male that I tossed back

This was dinner last night:



  1. Blue Moon and crabs, who could ask for more!!!

  2. mmmm...used to be a guy that would sell live ones on the road home from church when we lived in MD....yum!!!!!

  3. I would have no clue on how to cook or eat such things!!! BUT...I love making crab cakes from the meat in a tin. go figure...


  4. Oh yummy! Hit me back,


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