Thursday, August 4, 2011

Unconditional Love

I started thinking about unconditional love because a friend on facebook frequently posts about how much she loves her daughter. She is so eloquent in her posts that I can see the love flowing from her heart toward her daughter, even through the computer screen. She describes her love for her daughter as "love you to the moon and back".  So sweet!

Every parent has unconditional love for their child. Even me for Jakes, even when he's driving me crazy! And we all express it differently.  My friend can say it and I've seen her kiss and hug all over her.  She has no problem with showing her unconditional love.  Me on the other hand, I tell Jakes I love him and ask for hugs and kisses from him.  But I don't usually proclaim my love to all my friends and family on facebook.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with how either of us share our love for our children.  Its just a matter of how comfortable we are with the various ways of sharing.  I love reading her posts of love for her daughter.  It makes me smile and warms my heart.  It also reminds me that I really do love my child.  Even when he's being a big pain in the butt.

Thanks, Kris.  You're amazing in so many ways!


  1. smiles. nice post...we each have our own way of showinglove...we also need to take into consideration how our children like to receive their love as well...

  2. i swear there are words that keep swimming around in my head...and then i see them here.

    unconditional love...resentments...positive changes...

    youre freakin me out!! but in the best way, of course.

    i dont get too mushy on the facie either. it can feel a bit all for show even if i am being genuine. i know when i see CREW being all "ive got the best husband, kid, life, friends, blah blah blah, i give a huge roll of my eyes and think nasty thoughts. i assume that is mutual between she and

  3. this is one of those type of posts that make you realize why you started reading this persons blog anyway.

    I have three wonderful little boys (not so little) that would puke if i posted that stuff on Facebook.

    Kudoos for not following suit.

  4. There are so many blogs that I started following that I now wont even read. Today, I am reading yours know full well why i keep you around.


  5. It's so true. Everyone has different ways of expressing their love, and none of them are wrong. How boring would it be anyhow if we all did things the same way?!


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