Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's Get Organized - Randomly

Its going to be a crazy, crazy day!  Jakes 24-hour EEG was canceled yesterday so I at least didn't have to deal with that today.  They rescheduled for next week.  I am very grateful that my boss allowed me to switch my time off around and for me to make up the time I was late yesterday.  I love that she is so flexible with me.

Today at work is going to be nuts.  I have stuff to get done, plus a meeting at headquarters this afternoon.  I haven't even STARTED prepping for this meeting.  Since I am the one that called this meeting, I probably should get ready for it.

After the meeting, I have to run over to the airport to pick up my Daddy.  My neighbor, Kathy went to Florida to stay with a friend so Daddy drove her down and now he's flying back.  I think ESM wants someone to pick him up, I think she wants Daddy home.

Once I get Daddy from the airport, I'll have to make my way through rush hour traffic to come back home to get Jakes from summer camp before they close.  I should be able to make it.  Hopefully.  Fingers crossed and I will be activating my cop-shield!

I hate when my subconscious mind takes over.  I have a situation which I'm trying to step back from to protect myself but my dreams won't let me.  When I'm awake I can control myself and put the wall up.  But when I sleep, my dreams take over and while I like those dreams and wish I could make them come true, I can't let them take over.  Last nights dream was so perfect and heavenly but I need to let it go for now.  I need to put that wall back up around my heart.  How do you do that when the wall came down so recently and when I don't really want to?  be strong and just do it.

I joined Google+1.  I got an invite from my friend, Annabelle Archer.  I don't know how to use Google+1 yet.  And I don't have many friends on it yet.  I still prefer facebook.  Maybe in time I will get the hang of it and it will become the New FaceBook.  We'll see.

I'm on vacation count down!  Not too many more days to go!  Can't wait to see my friend from AZ when he gets here!

Ok. I think I have everything organized in my head.  Now time to get organized for my meeting this afternoon.  Happy Tuesday all!


  1. whew looks like i m not the only one that will need some me time...smiles.

    have yet to go google+...let me know how you like it...

    and dont tuck those dreams too far away, but i hear you...

  2. wow...that was scattered...i love it!

    dreams, can kick me square in the ass sometimes. when i'm all knotted up about the hubs i have awful ones.

    i need a countdown to something good, maybe i'll make something up :)

    we'll figure that + thing out. i was tipsy the other night and by the time we both figured out the huddle feature i was zonked out. LOL i am getting so old!

  3. I've heard about Google + but haven't made one yet.

  4. I don't know about google+ must check it out...though I am NOT motivated to try new things.

    I am tired reading what you needed done today! Hope it was a VERY good day despite your itinerary Amy!

  5. I have been having dreams of a little person lately, from a far away African country. Now if I could just get CP on board with this idea...
    Dreams would be coming true!

    Good luck today!


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