Monday, November 7, 2011

My Weekend

Friday around 3, I started bouncing in my chair with excitement that I was getting Jakes in a few hours.  He'd been texting me off and on all day as he was excited too.  He sent me a text that said "I miss you super much"  awwww!  How sweet!

At 4:15 he called me to tell me he was out of his seizure medicine and needed me to get him more.  I told him to call his father.  HA!  I loved that!  Except that my kid needed his medicine and I wanted to help him get it.  So I called him back and told him that if his father gave Jakes the insurance cards, we could refill the Rx over the weekend.  Jakes told me that his father said he'd be ok without it until Sunday.


I didn't scream at Jakes.  Or his father.  On the way home from getting Jakes, we stopped and I bought out of pocket (no insurance for a BRAND NAME medicine) 4 pills to take us through the weekend.  OUCH.  But my child had the medicine that he needed in order to insure he didn't have a seizure while in my care.

I have been composing a parenting-fail email in my head all weekend but I haven't sat down to actually DO it because my email will be completely unproductive.  I am going to try and compose a nicer version today, just so that I can have a record of the fact that he sent Jakes without his medication and without a plan for getting the medication for the weekend.  I might have to start with the bad email, just to get it out of my system, then tone that down.  We'll see.  But I need to document that Jakes didn't have his medicine.

The weekend was a pretty nice one with Jakes.  He still has attitude and mouth towards me but not as much.  Of course, there wasn't as much in the way of schedules and things that HAD to be accomplished this weekend.  It was mostly about Fun Stuff.

We had riding lessons on Saturday Morning, brrrrrrrrrrrr.  He's doing so well with the horses.  He seems to be able to take any horse they put him on and communicate and maneuver all over the ring.  Jakes seems to be afraid to trot the horses, but if they are walking around the ring, he's exceptional.  And that's not just Mom saying that, the teachers are all pleased with his abilities.  Last week, he was on a stubborn horse and still was able to get the horse to follow his commands.

In the afternoon, we delivered political flyers around the neighborhood for my parents.  Walking around with Jaxon and teasing Jakes, it was a good afternoon.

Sunday, we lazed about in the morning and finished delivering political flyers in the afternoon.  The best part of the weekend was that I wanted to be around my son.  I wanted to snuggle up and watch a movie.  I wanted to play video games with him.  I wanted to walk around the neighborhood chatting with him.

And Sunday when it was time for him to leave, I wasn't sad to see him go.  I wasn't glad, more resigned that this is the way things have to be right now.  This is the way it has to be.


  1. Glad you had a good week-end. Makes starting the week so much easier!

  2. Tommy loves riding on horses too.

    I've never liked it. I worry I'll fall off.

  3. nice...sounds like beyond the medication issue it was a good weekend...i am glad...and yes document that med issue...

  4. Nice that you were excited to see each other. :)

  5. I'm glad that it wasn't too terrible at the end of the weekend. That's a good thing. I'm so impressed with his riding abilities!


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