Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Check In - The Panic Attack

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night with a panic attack about something at work?  I did just Saturday morning. I  realized that this is my last week of work before vacation and I have several applications still outstanding.  My part on 3 of them is complete, just have to print, collate and copy.  But there are 3 others that I am waiting for information from other people.

Of course, there is one application that hasn't been started and its going to take a lot of typing on my part.  Plus my boss still has to look it over and see if its worth doing.  I think I will be working some late hours this week.  And I am typing at home right now.  Or at least I will be in a few minutes......

I wanted so share an amusing story from my visit with Jakes this weekend.  I only had him from Friday evening until Saturday afternoon.  Jakes seemed to think he father would get him around 3.  So we made plans to go bowling with the autism center.  JF texted that he'd get Jakes around 2.  I asked if I could keep him until 3:30 because of the bowling.  JF said no.  When I told Jakes he had to leave at 2, Jakes seemed to think it was all my fault!  Um, how is it my fault?  Your father wants to get you at 2 and I asked to keep you longer.  So Jakes was mad at me because he had to leave at 2 and couldn't go bowling.

Love the way he thinks!  I just laughed at him being mad at me.  Eventually, Jakes did realize that it wasn't my fault and he apologized.  Lots of hugs and kisses before he went home.

Ok.  Time to get typing so I can go on vacation in 8 days!!!!


  1. Girl, thats a lot of To Do but with a fabulous light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. i am glad he came around...

    i hope this week flies by, but also that everything is out of the wya so you can enjoy yourself...

  3. Yea! See, he's learning and growing, that's very good!

    Now go gt typing so you can go get packing!

  4. I keep panicking when I realize how close Christmas is. Not quite the same's stressing me out.


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