Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Its been about two weeks since Jakes moved to his dad's.  The first week was kinda hard for me to adjust to.  I was lonely after work, no one to argue with or nag to get things done or to hide from.

In the middle of the week, he got his phone and would text me throughout the days.  Such a little thing made me so happy!  I didn't miss him as much.

Then the weekend came and it was my time with him.  While we still argued a little and his still has a mouth on him, it was an enjoyable time. I WANTED to spend time with him.  I WANTED to play video games with him.  We were much more relaxed with each other and able to joke around and tease each other.  When it was time for me to say goodbye at the end of the weekend, I was ready for him to go but not in a bad way.  I was coming to realize that this might just be The Right situation for Jakes and me right now.

This past week has been a busy one for me, with traveling for work and election day in the mix and Jakes started school so he hasn't had as much time for texting.  But its ok.  I know he loves me and he knows I love him.  We both know that I'll be there on Friday to get him again.

Last night I went to dinner with my parents and on the way home, I said how much better I've been feeling.  So much less stressed and even happier.  EMS said the same thing.  She said she noticed that I've been laughing much more.  Like at dinner, we were teasing Dad about things and being rowdy in the diner.

Jakes seems to be doing well over at his dad's also. This is his first week of school and he said its ok.  He seemed to have a lot of homework to do.  It will take some time for things to settle in over at his dad's.  I imagine Jakes is on his best behavior and won't argue as much with his dad as he has with me over the years.  Once the "Honeymoon" is over, there might be more troubles in their household.  I hope not, for Jakes sake.

I did everything I could to make things work between Jakes and myself over the years.  I have always believed that a child should be with their mom's, in my way of thinking that was the traditional way of life.  I am coming to realize that there are many different families.  It all depends on what is best for the child.

I think having Jakes out of my home is best for ME.  I can only wait and see if its what is best for him.  But as any good mother will do, if this doesn't work for him, I'll fight to make sure we find a situation that WILL work for him.  Jakes comes first! But right now, I'm at peace with my decision.


  1. Being at peace with your decision is all anyone can ask for. I'm glad you're there.

  2. yeha i hope not but most likely there will be an end to the is hopefully expecting it and ready to deal with it...

  3. I'm really glad that it's all looking so bright, and that there's peace.

  4. Yay! It sounds like a good week and I hope there are many more to come!

  5. great news!
    im so glad there's peace. that's very important.

    have a wonderful weekend!

    betty xx


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