Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Its Tuesday

Oh yay!  Its Tuesday!  6 Days until vacation, 3 days until my weekend with Jakes. And 2 days to get these applications for work completed.  YIKES!

Dad went to the heart Drs last week and got a satisfactory report.  The Dr is ok with how he's been feeling, how the BP has been and all that good stuff.  As Dad says, "He said I have a heart."  Cute Daddy!  But I know where I get my sense of humor.

When Mom was sick, she worried that her cancer was hereditary and us kids would get it.  On my Dad's side of the family the women seem to get Alzheimer's.  I would tell Mom, "Don't worry about me!  I'll get cancer, then Alzheimer's and forget I have Cancer."  At first she wasn't amused by my attitude.  But you have to have humor when you're dealing with such serious illnesses.  Mom eventually came to accept my sense of humor about the illnesses.

In addition to all the applications I am typing for work, my ESM has me working on a cookbook for a club for which she is president.  I typed all the recipes over the summer and she finished reviewing and making corrections.  Her meeting with the club to discuss the cookbook is 11/28 when I will be in AZ.  So I have to make the corrections for her, get a mock up book read for her before I leave.  hummmmmmmm  At least its just a mock up and doesn't have to be perfect.

I get back from AZ on 12/1 which is a Thursday.  On Friday, I have to be packed up and ready to head to OCMD for my girls weekend!  NO JET LAG ALLOWED! 

I can't wait to see these wonderful women.  Its always a good time had by all.  Lots of laughter, fun and love.  We always exchange Christmas gifts when we go. This year I am going to attempt to etch glasses.  Over the weekend, Neicy and I found Irish Coffee mugs.  I have to figure out what I want to etch on them, probably something to represent the ocean and of course the love shared by all of us.  I think I'll get Jakes to help me with this project over the weekend.

I think my friend in AZ is getting excited for me to come out there.  He's been texting and calling more often.  We've made tentative plans to see a couple of movies while I'm there.  He's also going to cook Thanksgiving dinner for me.  :)   I can't wait!  Now to keep him out of the hospital while I'm visiting.....

Ok.  Time to get back to typing!  Happy Tuesday!


  1. woot...you are going to have a great time...twice over...smiles....get those apps done!

  2. Get going! You don't want to miss Arizona!


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