Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Check in - Paradise Not Found

WOW!  Has it really been a week since I checked in here?  Oh my!  But I've been having fun and relaxing.  The flights were on time and PACKED.  AZ was released from ER just in time for me to land and be picked up. Phew.

I'm sending you greetings from sunny Phoenix, Arizona.  I'm loving the weather, being in shorts and t-shirts.  I've taken lots of walks in the sunshine.  Today I realized that my lungs are missing something......... humidity!  There is no humidity here and I come from swampland Jersey where the humidity never goes below 95%.  I'm part amphibian, I think.

We've been enjoying our time together, with only one trip to ER which did not result in an admission.  Double Phew.  We went to see Breaking Dawn and both of us loved it.  Can't wait for the next one to come out.

The next couple of movies we want to see while I'm here is Edgar and Muppets.  I can't WAIT to see the Muppets.  I love Animal and Sweetums.  So lovable!

We cooked Thanksgiving Dinner at home just for us and between us, we make REALLY good cooks!  Still munching on leftovers. 

I think Jakes is missing me.  Before I left, he told me in a Tween way to stop texting him everyday.  Well, guess who's been texting me EVERYDAY!  YUP!  The attitude Tween!  But of course he won't admit to missing me.  Oh well, I'll take what I can get.  ;)

Dad and ESM have been sending pictures of Jaxon conked out on the couch.  Apparently, they have been running his little butt ragged with new toys.  Probably to keep him from gaining weight from all the treats they've been giving him.  They also have reported break-out from the house.  Shadow is lonely and everytime someone goes into my house, he runs out.  Of course, they are catching him right away cause he's looking for some lovin'.

So, all is good from Sunny AZ.  But while I've enjoyed myself here, its not my paradise found.  There are lots of reasons, good ones for being here but plenty of others for not staying.  Maybe to be disclosed one day here but most likely just in my diary.

We've almost got laundry done and will be heading out to see what kind of trouble we can get into!  Happy Sunday!


  1. i am glad you are having fun...and i am glad you know now what you know...that is a good is son missing you smiles...

  2. Sometimes the IDEA of paradise is blinding to the reality of that paradise. But it sounds as if you've had a good time and that is whats important.

    Missing you is good for Jakes, appreciation and what not.

    Hugs and loves

  3. There really is no better paradise than home, but I'm so glad you're having such a good time!

    Don't get into too much trouble now.

  4. If a kid texts his mother, that definitely means he misses her. :)


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