Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

So much stuff going on.  Little stuff.  But stuff all the same.

My first order as a Scentsy Consultant should be delivered today!  I will get to label, sort and deliver to all my special customers.  So excited to spread happy smells!  Also this is your last chance to order for 10% off all products! If there is a Fall/Winter scent you love, now's the time to stock up!  As of March 1st, the Fall/Winter scents will be put away to make room for Spring/Summer!  Stop by my Website to place your orders.  Tomorrow I'll update my side bar with the new Scent and Warmer of the Month.  You'll Love Them!

Jakes and I had an ok weekend.  He did riding lessons on Saturday, then parked his butt on my couch with my iPad and the TV for the rest of the weekend.  I suggested that he go outside and ride his bike or scooter and he wanted to have a lazy day.  humph.  I wanted my couch and my iPad.  Brat.

I have several major grant applications to work on right now.  What fun!  At least its something to make the day go faster.

AZ is finishing up his packing and should hit the road tomorrow!  He's excited and ready to come home.  I'm excited for him to come home too.  He's been so miserable out there.  Hopefully, coming back will be better for him all around.

Neicy and I are on week 4 of the running program.  Yes, I'm still keeping up with it.  And yesterday, after I ran for 5 minutes TWICE, I was so proud of myself!  I did it!  We'll run the same program for the rest of this week, then the running time gets upped.  I'm kinda dreading it.  But once I get out there, chatting with Neicy, its not too bad.

This weather has been so nice!  I'm almost afraid that we will suffer for the wonderful weather this summer.  I know that when Neicy and I are running, there are swarms of mosquitos already.

I have some good books on hold at the library.  Actually, I'm on the waiting list for some really good books.  For 4 of them, I am the next in line to borrow them.  I have a feeling that all 4 are going to be available at almost the same time.  There will be lots of reading going on in my house!  Can't wait!

Tonight is singing night!  I missed last week to go to dinner with Neicy to celebrate her birthday.  It was a nice evening and a good reason to miss singing.  Our spring concert is the first weekend in May.  doom-a-loom-a, doom-a-loom-a over and over..............


  1. good job on the running...
    and have fun singing tonight...
    it was smoking hot here today...

  2. I'm wondering about those mosquitoes myself. I was holding out hope that February would bring a nice cold snap to kill them off, but it didn't. Now that March is here, we're done for.

    So cool how well you've been doing with the running!

  3. We are having spring temps. VERY NICE here.

    The running intrigues me Amy...I SOOOOO want to be a runner but...am not very diligent! YOU inspire me!


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