Thursday, March 1, 2012

River Culture

Living on the River brings with it a different culture than what may be found with land-locked residents.  Normally the River looks like this:

Peaceful with cruise ships passing

We do a lot of cleaning of the windows on the River.  When the River looks like this:

You can guess where the water and spray goes.  If we want good weather, we don't wash the windows.  Kathy washed her front windows on Tuesday.  Wednesday into Thursday, it rained.

Another belief we have is that if we wash our vehicles in the winter, it will bring snow.  Dolores washed her truck inside and out a couple of weeks ago and we got a little covering of snow.  Had she scrubbed and detailed her truck we would have gotten this:

With these beliefs in place I have a favor to ask of ya'll.  AZ pulled out of his home in AZ last night to head back to the East Coast, premanently.  There will be no more washing of windows or vehicles until he gets here safe and sound.  Got that everyone?  Good!


  1. I got conflicting edits, so I'm not sure if my comment went through or not, but I wish him a safe journey and I promise I won't do any cleaning! ;)

  2. hope his drive is safe...and i will wash nothing....hehe

  3. Safe driving to him! AND good weather too!

  4. ha! I have never washed any of my vehicles! we got very little snow here!!


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