Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Fragments

Go me! I blogged three times this week!  And ya'll are still round to comment!  Love ya's!

My Spring Concert is this weekend.  We are singing lots of lovely songs again.  I can't think of ONE song that I haven't warmed up to.  When we first started practicing some of them, I didn't enjoy them. But they've grown on me.  Its going to be a lovely concert and I love being with these wonderfully talented people.  Each week I am simply amazed by the talent that is in the group.

Jakes is going camping with the g-parents this weekend.  I will be picking him up and dropping him off to them.  It was their idea to take him camping and I love the idea of Jakes getting time to spend with just them.  He hasn't had a lot of that since he moved.  And they will be camping local so if I wanted to pop in and get Jakes-hugs, I can still do that.

Work is busy as usual.  Lots of boring busy work happening, but its necessary stuff to make my job easier later.

I've started a new business through Scentsy.  They have a new product line called Velata.  Its a fondue warmer and you can melt chocolate in it.  There are so many good things to dip in chocolate.  How can you go wrong?  I'll post more on this later. Just let it be known that I am in heaven!  I love chocolate!

It seems that AZ and I are getting a Pop-up camper!  He's so excited about it.  Friends of his want to get rid of it cause they don't use it anymore.  AZ is making plans of taking me and the boys camping already and we don't even have the camper and don't even know what condition its in.  I've never been camping.  AZ has been tent camping in the past, even at places that don't have facilities like showers or anything.  I don't know that I would like that kind of camping.  I like to hear the flush..........

This weekend weather is shaping up pretty nicely!  Warmer temps and sunshine!  With a chance of storms mixed in.  AZ is happy with the warmer temps, he's still sensitive to the cooler temps.  I'm still calling him Popsicle.  ;)  Hopefully the weather will be good to get some fishing in........

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!  I know mine will be a great one!


  1. I like to hear the flush..........

    Bwahaha! Fantastic line. Camping is fun, well, I've only been camper camping unless you count campfire and ymca camp. We registered for this great tent for our wedding 11 years ago...and still haven't used it. Add that to the two other tents my parents gave us when they moved 8 years ago, and we've got a lot of tents. Yet we don't camp. Its sounds all fun until you get to the actually sleeping on the ground bit and OMG WHAT WAS THAT NOISE!? in the middle of the night part. Peeing in the porta potty, while not exactly a highlight is managable (and most campsites has actually showers and toilets anyway ;)

    Papa would love to get a camper. I want a horse.

    We'll see who wins this one...

    And you had me at CHOCOLATE!

  2. i grew up in a pop up...that will be fun...and hope jakes has fun cmaping this weekend too...


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