Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm traveling today so I have just a few minutes to catch up with you.  I have to go to two different offices today to conduct meetings.  With my bosses there.  Should be interesting.

I need to find the new prescription for glasses that the eye dr gave me.  He said I didn't need the new script yet but he filled it out with the new measurements anyway.  I think I need it now.  sigh...... Just another reminder that my birthday is next week.

Jakes and I had a wonderful weekend!  It started out rough, with him getting upset over anything I would say to him.  He would have his temper tantrums in his bedroom or outside and I let him.  Finally, when he was a little calmer, I mentioned to him that he seemed super sensitive to me and my words.  He thought about it and seemed to get a new attitude (a better one!).  We had some silliness and snuggled to watch a movie and spent time with the gparents.  It was a great weekend!

AZ and I are working on things.  He's trying to be more affectionate and involved in "us".  I am finding that I have a lack of trust in him and his use of his medications.  I have been quick to accuse him of things that weren't him.  Getting that Trust back will take time.  All of this will take time.

I have started a wonderful project in the kitchen!  I will share it with you when its done.  I'm tapping into my inner-Martha!

AZ and I are looking to put in a little garden for the summer.  We need to borrow a tiller to break the ground.  We were talking this morning about how my mom and his dad had wonderful huge gardens while we were growing up.  Good memories.

Time to wrap this up and read through the meeting minutes from the last meeting with the staff.  Gotta be prepared!  Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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  1. trust is a hard thing....but if you work at it you will be fine...smiles...doing a garden together will be cool..tilling is not a lot of fun...have fun driving around today...


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