Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Just a few quick thoughts to share......

From the news:
Do we really care that the Gov. of NJ had weight loss surgery?  I don't.  Now that I know, I'm glad he's doing what is necessary to make himself the healthiest person he can be.  I wish him luck.

Did you know that Jim Thorpe's kids and grandkids are fighting over where he's buried?  The kids want him moved from the town of Jim Thorpe where he has rested for over 60 years.  If I was Jim, I'd come back and haunt my son's for moving me.

So happy those women who have been missing for so long have been found!  I'll be following the story for more details.  They certainly are blessed.

From ME:
I am sick and tired of writing mental health policies at work.  This means I have to read the boring regulations necessary to be able to write the policies to fit into my agencies business.  I'm so bored!  And need a mental health vacation.......

Things with AZ and I are going well.  I've started making some decisions about this portion of my life but I need some input from my therapist so I can finish.  There is time for finishing.

I went for a bike ride yesterday.  I wasn't going to but AZ reminded me I should.  It was a great ride!  The gears worked wonderfully and it felt great to stretch my legs and just breathe......  Thanks for the push, AZ!

Jakes called me yesterday!  I hadn't heard from him in about a week.  He made me happy just by calling. Guess I'll be seeing him this Mother's Day Weekend.

I still have a couple of the songs from the concert bouncing around my head.  I'm so sick of being in my head right now.  The songs are fun, but not after three days.......

When is it time to go to the beach??  I am so looking forward to a day of sitting in the sand with a book in my hand.  Soon!

To my friends on the East Coast: stay dry and check with your local emergency services for the nearest Ark!  There's a massive storm dropping lots of rain up and down the coast.   Be Safe!


  1. I LOVE the surprise phone calls from the kids! I'm glad that things are going ok with AZ right now and woohoo on a fun bike ride!

  2. any time is a good time for the beach...smiles...good on you for the bike ride! glad things are going well for you as well....

    glub glub glub....smiles...

  3. I have not gotten my bike out yet and cannot wait to do so! You inspire me! The beach...ANYTIME!!!!! LOVE the beach!


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