Monday, May 6, 2013

Busy Weekend

Oh my! What a busy weekend!  I was so busy I almost wished I was at work so I could relax. 

The quickie:  There was two trips to the bike repair store.  Two trips to the local college for singing in my concert.  A trip to the parents for a visit.  Grocery shopping and a little work on reclaiming my flower bed.

Details:  The concert was fun, as always.  We sang a selection from Rogers's and Hammerstein's Carousel, Braums and some other spiritual songs.  Our Director sang a solo and it was the first time many of us had heard him sing.  He has a wonderful voice!

The trips to the bike repair shop was unfortunate because some people have to borrow my bike and break it.  But of course, its never their fault and they are never made to make good on it.  But the bike is now locked up and I am the only one with the key to it.  I did make a stop at Starbucks which was almost on the way to the repair shop.  Love my Frappichinos!

Dad and ESM were having issues with some spam from their email account so I stopped over to help out with that.  Of course, it became more involved than I anticipated.

I am working on reclaiming a flower bed.  Its all grass so I have to cultivate it, scoop out the grass and roots, then cultivate it again for anything I can't get out by hand.  BUT I did find Tulips and daffodils in there which I think I will transplant.   I will work some more on that tonight after work.

Grocery shopping needs no details.  I still can't figure out why it takes 2 hours to get through the store.....  But if you are trailing a teenager that might explain some of it.

At least the sun was shining and it was warm!  Overall, a good weekend!  Tell me about yours!


  1. I feel like the weekends pass by in such a blur. Why must it be that way?

    That's pretty neat that you were able to hear your director sing finally!

  2. We had mil and sil in town so mega tourist weekend: rock climbing at REI, Fremont Market, Ballard Locks, the falls, meals out, wine bar, and 87 degrees!!!


  3. Mil and sil were here so tourist weekend: the falls, rei for rock climbing, Ballard Locks, Fremont Flea Market, out for meals, wine bar, Space Needle, etc! Plus it been in the 80's!


  4. were def busy this when someone borrows something and doesnt take care of it...what a headache...glad the singing was fun...

    are you getting any of this rain? we are supposed to get 5 inches in 24 hours...i may nee a boat...


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