Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yet Another Beach Day

We took the family to the beach last week. It wasn't a beautiful of a day as when I went with ESM but it was a lovely day in different ways.

AZ and I packed up the kids (mine, his and plus one more), the chairs, lunch and sunscreen and headed to the Wildwood, NJ.  We chose that beach because there is a boardwalk with rides and yummy food.

JR and friend wanted to just walk the boards, checking out the chicks.  Jakes wanted to swim and body surf.  AZ wanted to take a nap and get some sun.

He got the nap but not much sun.
We got there late in the afternoon so there wasn't much time for sunbathing and there was quite the breeze blowing.  We lost the umbrella! I had to go running across the beach to save it.  YIKES!

Jakes and I spent some time in the water body surfing and splashing.  He had a ball which made me happy.

After a quick stop for some dinner we turned the boys on the boards again.  AZ and I wandered around remembering all our times there as teenagers.  We also went on one ride, the loop-d-loop roller coaster.  All the boys were afraid to get on it with us. It was AWESOME!!!!  We got the first car and it was a hanging coaster.  Nothing in front of you, nothing under you.  We LOVED it!

On the way back to meet the boys we stopped to play the water gun game. AZ WON!!

Its a Butterfly!  I LOVE IT!

We met up with the boys and on the way back to the car we caught a parade.... The MUMMERS!
The string band was strutting their stuff along the boardwalk

They are amazing!
With one final look at the boardwalk, we packed back into the car for a long drive home.

Wildwood Boardwalk
It was a lovely day that I hope can be repeated very soon!


  1. salt in the wound...look at you rub it in a bit more...smiles....ha...sounds like fun...though i want a youtube vid of you running after the umbrella...smiles.

  2. Soinds like a great time . Love the face of the butterfly win!

  3. That roller coaster sounds TERRIFYING! I think I might be sick!!!!! Sounds like you had fun despite the not so perfect beach weather.


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