Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bathroom Redo

ESM decided it was time to repaint their bathroom.  She's never painted before.  Interesting!  So I of course offered to help her with the project.

She cleaned out the room, Daddy taped the areas, they got the paint and supplies and we got to work.

I started out with cutting in and then showed her how to roll the walls.
Rolling the second coat

ESM caught on quickly with the rolling.  She made sure all the areas were covered and smooth.  We did have to put a second coat on just to make sure it was all covered.

Daddy kept the couch company which is where he needed to be!

Jakes was over for the weekend but he didn't help.  The bathroom was barely big enough for me and ESM.

Jakes kept the dogs company which was a big help.  We didn't need any yellow noses!

ESM was going to put the bathroom back together on Sunday and she wants to paint a cabinet a purple color.  I can't wait to see it completed!  I'll share pictures later!

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  1. ha. i think i like daddy's job more than redecorating the bathroom...smiles...only because i am being prodded to do it now...lol...


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