Friday, September 23, 2011

Amazing Stuff That Floats By My House

I have written before about living on The River and all that comes with it.  We have lovely, peaceful mornings.  We have floods and animals, such as the baby eel that I picked up and the crabs that come from the meadow during high tides.  We've had Santa pull up to the beach around Christmas time.  We have a sand bar out front at low tide that Jaxon and Jacob love to play on. And we have wave action during storms.

Lovely boats sail by all the time. We also loose the beach in the winter.  Brrrrrr  And the Geesy's love to come and feast on the corn we put out.

Lots of differnt things to look for.  Last weekend I saw something VERY strange.

This floated by.
What is it?

A piece of land, with trees growing and everything

Never a dull moment on the River!


  1. Hey, you should have roped it in! You could have thrown out a beach chair and had your own personal floating island!

  2. you have small continents floating by? wonder if its parents know where it is? smiles.


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