Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick Update

I know I said I was taking a break.  BUT, there are family members who read my blog for the details I share.  Dad has been keeping his sisters and brother up to date on things happening but he's a To The Point kinda guy.  lol  His email this week:

"Mediport placement went well. Chemo orientation 9/10. first chemo appointment 9/16"

Just the facts, ma'am. giggle.

SO!  Dad is doing well. While he was at the hospital all day long for the Mediport placement, the surgery went well and he's healed very well from it.  He said there is still a little bit of pain but he's still healing around the port.

I am very proud that he's taken ALL the advice of the drs.  He's eating more frequently and smaller portions. He said its like he's grazing all day long.  He's also resting more, which is good too.  

We are exploring ways to build him up a bit before the chemo starts.  They will also do what they can to minimize the effects of the chemo on him but still target the cancers.  He is going to try making shakes with a protein powder. Hopefully, this will help to build him up with some extra calories.

Dad is doing what he can to prevent infections, trying to keep from banging himself up. And not falling down.

I went to dinner with them last night and I have to say, he looks pretty good.  Still super skinny but he looks more alert and I don't know, he just looks healthier. I can't say what exactly but I'm liking how he looks.

He is still smoking as he always has.  I think if he were to cut back on those, he would feel worse and would be grumpier with everything around him.  Which is what we want to prevent.  No grumpy Daddy.

I am proud of him for his efforts to get healthier before he starts the chemo. He's got a good attitude, which is helping me to be strong and positive around him.


  1. A positive attitude can do wonders! Yay for that!

  2. i am glad he is looking good and the the port placement went well...i hope chemo is not too rough, i know it can be but def keep looking for those positives....

  3. I am playing "catch up" glad your Dad is doing okay and heeding advice! Will check back for updates.

    Had to laugh at his brief update...simple and TO THE POINT! :)


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