Monday, January 17, 2011

weekend wrap up

Its been a quiet weekend round here.  With the occasional giggle when I remember the court win.  Want some details?  Ok here they are.

1. Mothers request to reduce the child support GRANTED (the medical insurance premium actually went DOWN!)

2. Mothers request to medicate the child for ADHD GRANTED AS MODIFIED. I don't need the fathers consent to medicate Son for ADHD.  The judge said in his notes "It is clear from the Mother's certification that she has been concerned about Childs behavior for a significant length of time.  The Father only has Child two weekends a month and therefore the Mother is able to observe Child's behaviors on a more regular basis.

3. Mothers request to reimburse medical expenses is GRANTED.  He has 15 days to pay me what he owes for his portion of the co-pays.    Although he is court ordered to, I am not holding my breath.  He never pays unless I take him to court.  A$$hole.

4.  Mothers motion to have Father be responsible for court costs is DENIED.  oh well.  It was worth a shot.  This was the only thing I lost.  Tee he!

5. Father's motion  for an additional evaluation of Child is DENIED.  Tee he!  Of course, this would have made the 4th evaluation for ADHD that was done on Jakes.

6.  Fathers motion to have Child interviewed by the court is DENIED.  Duh.  They are lawyers, not doctors.

7.  Fathers motion to change transportation is DENIED.  And all because he wrote in his cross motion 2 sentences.  Had he argued his points in writing, the judge might have entertained changes.  In my response to his cross, I informed the judge that he moved over two years ago and never discussed changes and the judge tossed that in A/H's face!  So if A/H re-files on this, I don't think the judge will be inclined to make changes.  And I have lots of good arguments against changing things.

8.  Fathers motion to claim Child every third year for income tax purposes is DENIED.  Again, partially because A/H only wrote what he wanted with no details and mostly because its against the IRS rules and regulations.  The judge sited the IRS rules and if A/H re-files on this, I will also include that information in my cross.  Tee he!

9.  Fathers motion to change parenting time holidays and increase summer visitation time is DENIED.  I did consent to adding one week of vacation in the summer and for him to keep Jakes until 9:00 on Fridays and Sundays in the summer.

Ok, so only ONE of my requests was denied and I put that in there more or less to annoy A/H.  Had I been awarded the court fees, it would have been sprinkles on the icing on the cake.

ALL of A/H's requests were denied!  Tee he!  I WON, I WON!

Throughout the entire hearing, I think I only spoke 4 sentences.  The judge asked if I disagreed with anything and of course, I said Nope.  Perfect!  Well, I talked about agreeing to change the visitation.  It was funny to see the judge tell A/H that he's an idiot to oppose something that obviously his child needs to be healthy and successful in life.  The judge also told him that he needs to figure out how to follow the rules for filing the motion.  tee he!  I had to bite my tongue so I didn't giggle right there in court.

So Friday, Jakes had dinner with his dad, Neicy and I went furniture shopping (her, not me!) and then I came home and celebrated with Skittles Vodka!

Saturday, I did laundry, a quick clean on the house, yelled at the kid to get homework done and celebrated with Cherry Jolly Rancher Vodka while texting with my friend, HS in AZ.  He's going through a rough time.  I hope things start looking up for him soon!  He's a good guy and deserves a break.

Sunday, we kicked back and I yelled at Son to get more homework done.  There is more yelling and nagging going on again, we have an appointment with the Dr to see about changing up the medication.  While, its nothing like it was before Christmas, its still not productive for us.

I texted with HS again until he had to leave for errands.  He was bragging about the weather out there.  He was in shorts with the door open.  I'm here with layers and blankets and waiting for an ice storm.  sigh.

Monday, I spent with a book in my hand for the most part.   I haven't been this relaxed in a LONG time.

I have cooked dinner four nights in a row!  Two of them for the Compound.  Its great to get together with them for dinner.  Three generations of family at one table, nice.  I try to cook for them on Sundays because there are usually several nights during the week that we go out to dinner with them and as the "kid" I have to fight for the bill!  lol

Well, I'm going to go nag the kid to clean his room and make the rounds of your blogs!  Sorry I have been absent lately but I have been a little stressed.  There were days that I would head over, read your stuff and just couldn't come up with a comment.  I drew a blank.

Thank you to each and everyone who gave me positive words and out good thoughts and prayers out for me!  It paid off!


  1. This is absolutely fantastic news!!! The court supporting what you know to be the right path for your child is wonderful.

  2. sounds like a winner to me...smiles.

  3. I'm so happy the judge told him he needed to give him what he needs to be healthy and successful. I don't understand why it's so hard to get some men to take care of their kids.

  4. Good. Good. Very good news.

    I am laughing as I MISSED the Skittles Vodka back at Halloween. Interesting stuff...I adore Skittles (and Jolly Ranchers for that matter) and fruity drinks...hmmmmm.

  5. I am so very Happy for you!!!


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