Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

My day started with having to scoop up a dead rabbit from the yard.  Thanks Kitty, which ever one of you three it was.  I know it wasn't Saylors, she's too much of a princess and would be afraid of breaking a nail.  I call her my "High Maintenance Kitty."  She is mouthy and demanding. If her fur was longer, I could put a bump-it in and she'd be a Snooki-Kitty, not as slutty though.

Jakes is on summer break and is loving it!  I get him for 3 weeks in the summer and I offered to have him stay more, we'll see if he chooses and if his dad allows it.  When no one is home at his Dad's, Jakes isn't allowed outside.  If he's at my house, Dad is right upstairs so Jakes could wander the neighborhood or go fishing.  The less time in front of a TV, the better!

AZ is loving the weather.  This is more what he's used to.  Maybe not the rain we're expecting today but the warmth is more his speed.

I"m so proud of my Dad.  He's starting to ask for help a LOT more in things he knows would tax his body.  He also has bowled another 300 game on the Wii.  They think its funny to stomp and dance in their living room, which happens to be right over top of mine.

Summer is here and we are so close to the beach!  I can't wait to get together with my girlfriends to head over and soak up some rays!  Maybe next week...........

This past weekend was a kid-less weekend for AZ and I.  Jakes was scheduled with his father and JR was camping with friends.  We took advantage of the situation and combined resources with friends for Crabs, Beers, and BS on Saturday evening.  We had swordfish, mahi-mahi, and chicken on the grill, Crabs, potato salad, and bread pudding for desert.  Everything was SO yummy!  Add in the great company and silliness and it was a perfect evening!  Can't wait to do it again.

This weekend I have Jakes and hopefully it will be nice enough weather for us to do some fishing.  I need the boys to catch some bait for the crab pots.  The Crabs are out there, now's the time for them to climb into my pots.  Brian, I'll let you know when we have some!  Maryland style or Jersey style?


  1. maryland style...but i would be willing to roll jersey...smiles...ha...jealous of your proximity to the beach...glad dad is asking for help too that is great...hope you and jakes have a great summer

  2. Yeah fishing! I've never caught crabs and wouldn't know how to deal with them if I did. I do love eating them though. :)


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